How to connect to CroCom Network

Dear customers, if you find CroCom wireless network via your WiFi device, you can connect to it at any time.

For connecting to the CroCom Network, you need a WiFi receiver device - laptop, handheld, or smartphone. After opening a table with a list of all available wireless networks, select one of the networks CroCom (Internet, Hot-Spot,, which highlight and then double-click or press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the connection.

Signal quality

Signal quality depends on your distance from the nearest transmitter and barriers between you and the transmitter. The high quality connection can be reached in case of direct visibility to transmitter (f.e. placing your device on a terrace or near to window). Inside buildings the signal strength could be much poorer and possibility of connecting to the CroCom Network could be more difficult.

You can test your connection here.

Map of covered areas to found here.

Buy a coupon

Coupon with access data is to be bought in our sale partners. You can find more information here.

Important: do not use sharp objects to wipe the covering layer, otherwise the login data could be damaged.

Network login

Connect to CroCom Network using access data - login name and password appear on the coupon after wiping the covering layer.

Enjoy your internet connection!

Congratulations, now you are connected to our network with internet access. At this moment starts period of 168 hours of connection. You can connect to the internet anywhere you find some of CroCom networks.

Have a nice holiday! 

CroCom Network team