On this page we will try to solve common problems and answer frequently asked questions.

I wiped away the coupon and credentials are illegible
- If this happens, send us your voucher serial number and at least part of the login information via SMS to phone number +420 734 600 440 or use the form at the bottom of the page.The login information will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS.

How to prevent damage to the credentials on the coupon?
- To remove the protective layer of rubber to best use rubbing or vrtv carefully remove your finger. Never use any sharp objects - coins, knives, etc.

I applied to the network via laptop, but I want to be connected to the phone - is this possible?
- On our network with one login can only connect with one device. To connect another device, please use the following link to log out of hotspot device, allowing you to log on another device.

I have not found a solution to your problem.
- Contact us directly using the form below:

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